Litigating False Claims Act / Whistleblower Cases
And Personal Injury And Commercial Disputes Nationwide

Other Practice Areas

Personal Injury: For the past 37 years I have enjoyed representing individuals who have sustained severe personal injury as the result of a third party’s negligence. As noted in the Representative Settlements and Judgments page of this website, I have achieved a number of multi-million dollar personal injury settlements. The personal injury cases on which I have worked include a wide range of accident scenarios including motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents and dangerous premises accidents. The types of injuries for which I have represented individuals have run the gamut from relatively simple soft tissue injuries to catastrophic head injuries and spinal cord injuries that have resulted in paraplegia and quadriplegia. Each case requires its own thoughtful and perhaps creative approach to capture the essence of the impact of the injuries upon the client. I am proud to say that I work closely with my clients to understand their situation and work to achieve a great result. Unlike many attorneys, my primary focus at the outset of a given personal injury case is to ensure my client is getting the best health care possible. My experienced view is that the best clients are the ones who are treated by quality physicians, who rigorously follow their physician’s advice, and who do everything within their power to get as healthy as possible. If after that effort there are still definable, permanent injuries, then I get to work to achieve the best compensation possible for those injuries.

Economic Loss and Commercial Disputes: Many forms of wrongs, including products liability, fraud, intentional interference with contractual relationship and breach of contract cause economic loss to individuals and business entities. For the past 37 years I have represented individuals and business entities that have sustained economic loss as the result of the malfeasance or breach of contract of another. I have also represented individuals or entities when a business entity needs to be reformed or dissolved. For example, with reference to the Representative Trial Court and Appellate Decisions page of this website please see the James Nursery case in which I represented a commercial nursery that sustained substantial damage to its nursery stock as the result of another company supplying defective compost. Over the course of my career the commercial disputes I have handled have been as basic as painting and roofing companies that have had disputes with suppliers and customers, and as complex as large scale multi-national shareholder disputes or serving as the National Trial Counsel for the A.O. Smith Corporation with respect to a national body of tort claims that had been asserted against its subsidiary, A. O. Smith Harvestore Products.

Oil and Gas Disputes: For the past 20 years I have litigated a number of oil and gas disputes, including underpayment of royalty claims and damage to oil field equipment. With reference to the Representative Settlements and Judgments page of this website, please see the Grynberg v. Shaffer case in which I tried a royalty dispute to a Denver state court jury and received a verdict totaling $768,750.00. Three other oil and gas/qui tam cases are also referenced on this page: the BOC, Amerigas and Kerr-McGee cases in which over $32 million was recovered in cases stemming from disputes about underpayment of oil and gas royalties. The Kerr-McGee case was also successfully tried to a Denver federal jury and resulted in a verdict of $7,555,886.28 that eventually was transformed into a $26M settlement.