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The Law Firm of Michael S. Porter, LLC, is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and helps people throughout Colorado and nationwide.

I have been an attorney for 37 years and have spent hundreds of hours arguing in state and federal courts and at negotiation tables. I have worked on numerous cases where millions of dollars were at stake and millions of dollars recovered. Earlier in my career, part of my practice involved defending those who’s acts were covered by insurance companies. The other part of my practice involved representing plaintiffs who had been injured. Over 27 years ago I vowed I would no longer represent the interests of an insurance company and have since been exclusively working for plaintiffs to achieve a fair and just result.

Every client is unique, and every case brings new legal issues and a new set of facts. I am proud to say that I work closely with my clients to understand their situation and work to achieve the best possible result. Because of my many years of practice, I am able to draw on my vast experience to provide my clients with the highest quality legal representation.

To learn more about my past trial court and appellate decisions, click here. To learn more about my past settlements and judgments, click here. Read more about my background by following the link below:

Practice Areas

Over the course of 37 years of litigating legal disputes I have worked extensively in a number of legal areas. Generally, the cases on which I have worked have involved the situation where someone has “done someone wrong.” I have successfully represented seriously injured individuals, I have represented individuals and businesses who have sustained economic loss because of another’s wrongful actions, I have represented individuals and businesses who have sought to change ownership or remove a partner from a business and I have represented individuals and businesses who have not been paid their fair share of oil and gas royalties or who have sustained oil field losses because of the negligence of another.

Over 18 years ago, I became involved in my first False Claims Act (FCA) case and successfully settled that case for $6 million and obtained a relator share for my client of approximately $1.26 million. Since 2000 I have represented numerous plaintiffs who have pursued FCA cases and have achieved some tremendous FCA settlements and judgments. Click here to read about some of these cases. Click on the False Claims Act to learn more about the FCA.

These cases have given me a deep understanding of the issues involved in representing whistleblowers in False Claims Act cases and insight into the strategies that can help my clients.

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